Square Medical Group partners with regional and national facilities to form treatment partnerships. We strive to create collaborative agreements that help facilities achieve their patient care goals. Merging a cross-collaboration between inpatient and outpatient addiction detox programs promotes an integrative care model. Furthermore, as an extension of this collaborative approach, we strive to promote the conscientious and efficient transfer of patients between levels of care.

On-Site Partnerships For Massachusetts Addiction Detox Programs

Square Medical Group has developed a partnership model addressing several common operational challenges for facilities. These challenges include maintaining consistent clinical staffing for medical/psychiatric evaluations and aftercare referrals.

Some benefits for facilities include:

  • Reliable clinicians from SMG coming to your facility weekly with guaranteed coverage
  • Providers based out of out-patient clinics that can continue treatment after discharge
  • 24/7 support from a primary care or psychiatric clinician specializing in substance abuse
  • Access to outpatient care without having to hire an in-house team
  • Priority primary care appointment for non-acute issues and physical exams
  • Remote Medication Management
  • Our practice accepts the vast majority of insurances (both public and private) in the state of Massachusetts.


man learning about Massachusetts addiction detox programs from female clinician

Finding appropriate care after leaving inpatient addiction detox programs can be challenging, stressful, and time-consuming. That is why we try to allocate space for high-risk patients needing immediate access to aftercare programs.

We work with our partners to ensure our integrated program can seamlessly take-over and continue the patient care plan and avoid confusion for the patient and his family.

Benefits for your patients:

Vivitrol initiation on the same day of inpatient discharge. Square Medical Group has the resources to perform same day physical, psychological and laboratory evaluations.

Dedicated patient coordinator that will ensure patient appointment scheduling, transfer of patient medical records, engage with patient collateral contacts and continue any applications for social support programs.

Our practice accepts the vast majority of insurances (both public and private) in the state of Massachusetts. Please refer to our insurance list here


Square Medical Group often refers patients to inpatient facilities when a need for a higher and more acute level of care is deemed necessary. We work with a patient’s insurance network and recommend institutions that share the same approach to patient care.

If you are a facility that is offering substance abuse acute care services, please share your information with us. If you would like to be associated with our group, please send us information to info@squaremedicalgroup.org

Beginning Treatment with Square Medical Group

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