smiling young man in recovery residences or sober living homesComing Spring 2020, Square Medical Group will be providing a new level of care being referred to as “co-occurring enhanced residential recovery residences”. Sponsored by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, these 16-bed residences will be limited to those on MassHealth and who qualify for ASAM Level III.1. General criteria will include those who have both an SUD and Mental Health diagnosis.

SMG’s first 16-bed residence will be located off the Charles River in Waltham, MA. It will be limited to adult males who qualify based on their current needs.

We anticipate that these services will be an attractive option for those discharging from an ATS, CSS or TSS level of care.

For more information, including when these services will be available, please contact Square Medical Group through our contact us form or by calling 617.916.5069 today.