When you are ready to pursue long-term sobriety in an outpatient setting and want to work with one of our providers, please call the location where you are seeking substance abuse treatment to speak to one of our intake coordinators. Our providers will work with you to determine the appropriate psychological and medication options and ensure your continued commitment to sobriety.

The First Step of a Substance Abuse Treatment Program

two women talking about the substance abuse treatment program at square medical groupDetox is the first step of recovery. Drug detox, or detoxification, is the process of eliminating or removing the toxins that drugs leave in the body. For this process to work, people have to stop using the drugs altogether.

People who attempt to quit drugs cold turkey have a low chance of success. Most of them end up using the same drug again or using other drugs. The reason is that addiction is a mental disorder that inhibits their control.

Medication-Assisted Substance Abuse Treatment

Another reason why individuals should consider going to a detox center is that withdrawal can be dangerous. A substance abuse treatment center can monitor symptoms to ensure safety. This allows them to keep their clients healthy and jump in if something goes wrong.

Detoxing without medication assistance can also increase the likelihood of relapse. When symptoms become unbearable, an individual may return to substance abuse to relieve adverse symptoms. However, this can easily lead to overdose as the individual no longer has the tolerance they once had.

Square Medical Group offers both Suboxone and Vivitrol as medication maintenance treatment options for substance abuse.


WHAT IS SUBOXONE: Suboxone is a prescription medicine that contains the active ingredients buprenorphine and naloxone. It is used to care for adults who are dependent on (addicted to) opioids (prescription or otherwise). Suboxone is administered as a pill or via a film placed under the tongue.

Suboxone Maintenance

As a patient in our Suboxone Maintenance program, you will see your psychiatrist on a predetermined schedule. Our program involves regular and random drug testing administered in a supervised environment. Your psychiatrist may introduce mandatory individual or group counseling as part of your substance abuse treatment program.

Vivitrol (naltrexone) “The Shot”:

Vivitrol (naltrexone for extended-release suspension) is a prescription injectable medicine used to treat alcohol dependence and to prevent relapse to opioid dependence after opioid detoxification. To qualify for Vivitrol treatment, you must no longer be ingesting alcohol or opioids. To ensure Vivitrol’s effectiveness, we require treatment with Vivitrol to be used in conjunction with other recovery programs such as Individual or Group Counseling. (Please note: Vivitrol may not work for everyone; Vivitrol has not been studied in children under the age of 18 years). Vivitrol is administered via a monthly injection.

Recovery with Square Medical Group

If you’re ready to begin your recovery with Square Medical Group, then don’t hesitate. We offer a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program that offers a full continuum of care. Whether you need an intensive outpatient program or a partial hospitalization program, Square Medical Group is ready to guide you toward lifelong recovery.

To learn more about our programs, call us today at 617.916.5069.