For many people, getting mental health treatment only happens because they must, whether to satisfy a court issue or keep other family members happy. However, some recognize their own signs of declining mental health. Others may experience adverse symptoms after trauma or extreme stress and want to relieve those problems. Regardless of why you’re choosing to get help from a high-quality mental health provider, Square Medical Group can help.

Mental Health Treatment When You Need It

female clinician discussing massachusetts mental health treatment center options with senior womanMental health treatment includes services for a range of mental health conditions. Individuals may struggle with anxiety conditions, like PTSD or social anxiety, or depressive disorders. In a mental health treatment center, therapists and psychiatrists can work together to determine the best course of action for an individual’s circumstances.

People with untreated mental health conditions also often struggle with substance use disorders. In fact, these problems lie at the root of substance abuse. For others, mental health changes occur during substance abuse, leading to bigger problems than just the addiction itself.

It’s also possible that you choose to self-medicate to manage problems of mental health disorders. Without proper mental health treatment, you may not know the correct coping mechanisms for managing your symptoms. Instead of using substances to help you feel better, choose to seek out the mental health treatment you need.

That help exists in Massachusetts through Square Medical Group. This is a Massachusetts mental health treatment center that can help you reach the roots of your problems. By treating your trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental illnesses, you keep addiction from happening or help resolve it for lasting recovery.

What Is a Dual Diagnosis?

Having a dual diagnosis means you need both addiction and mental health treatment. About half of all people engaging in substance abuse have co-occurring mental illnesses.

When you receive a diagnosis for co-occurring disorders, do not panic. Rather than being fearful of your next steps, this diagnosis clarifies why you engaged in substance abuse in the first place. Or, it helps you understand the importance of getting the help you need.

With the right help, you can begin healing your mind and body. While neither problem ever completely goes away, you have a real opportunity to rebuild and reshape your life for the better future you want.

Getting the Help You Need for Your Mental Illness

So, where do you get the help you need for mental illness, with or without co-occurring substance abuse? In Massachusetts, you can find that help through the mental health treatment programs of Square Medical Group.

Getting help for your mental illness includes a wide array of therapies. These therapies help you understand yourself. They also help you end substance abuse or other negative behaviors in your everyday life.

At Square Medical Group, you learn coping skills, life skills, better communication, and how to build healthy relationships. You can also gain stability in your life and start achieving big goals with the right help.

So what therapies and wellness program does Square Medical Group provide? These programs include:

For the better life you deserve and freedom from your mental illness or addiction, call Square Medical Group today at 617.916.5069. Find all the treatment you need in one place and reach out to us today.