What is TMS?

  • TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is an FDA approved treatment for patients that have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and are considered treatment-resistant.
  • Treatment-resistant patients have unsuccessfully tried to treat their depression with at least:
    •  4 different antidepressants without success, or
    •  2 antidepressants from different classes (SSRIs SNRI, MAOI, etc.) that caused intolerable side-effects
  • TMS is an alternative to medication because it does not cause side effects associated with most medication such as weight gain, low libido, or erectile dysfunction.
  • TMS does not require anesthesia or injections and has no lasting side effects
  • TMS is covered by Medicare and most private insurance companies 

How TMS works

  • We use a Brainsway deep TMS machine that uses an innovate helmet equipped with an H1 coil that generates magnetic field pulses.
  •  Since people with depression often have low-neuron activity in the prefrontal cortex, the dTMS helmet is strategically placed over this area of the patient’s brain to allow the magnetic pulses to target and influence neuron activity.
  • Most patients (and their friends and family) see improvements in mood within the first 3-5 weeks of treatment!
  • “it’s like TMS wiped away the cloud that was my depression” – K.D. TMS patient

For more information about what is TMS therapy, call us at 617.916.5069.

Our mission is to help treat and support our patients to enable them to gain relief from their treatment-resistant depression. We do our best to personalize each treatment and help make TMS available to those who need it most.