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Charitable Giving

Square Medical group supports Asniya to improve health outcomes for American Indian communities

About Asniya

Asniya is a non-profit outreach organization that has been in existence for over 25 years. Asniya brings medical students to Indian reservations to teach health and science to American Indian children. The medical students serve as "Asniya interns" and are integrated into the school as health and science teachers. They deliver dynamic hands-on classroom presentations to captivate students' attention, render health professions less abstract and more tangible, and provide basic knowledge to increase safety, preventative care, and improved health outcomes. Asniya's mission is to bring medical knowledge and opportunity to American Indian children while expanding the cultural awareness of future physicians.

The goal of Asniya is to render healthcare professions less abstract and more tangible, provide basic, practical knowledge, increase medical sophistication, increase safety, preventative care, and overall improvement of health, instill a greater sense of self-worth, confidence, and capability, provide personal empowerment towards reaching higher levels in education, and promote positive change within Native American communities.

The mission of Asniya is accomplished by sending Asniya interns to participating schools on South Dakota Indian reservations for month-long visits. During these visits, interns interact with and deliver daily classroom presentations to junior high and high school students on a variety of medically related topics. The Asniya approach involves the use of prepared lecture material, slide presentations, and video footage of medical procedures to captivate students' attention. Stethoscopes, basic first aid kits, and informational materials are incorporated into animated and interactive presentations to stimulate interest and help teach fundamental concepts.

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