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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a safe, innovative, non-invasive and effective treatment for depression. The FDA approved TMS as a treatment for depression in 2008, and it has a proven record of success without the side effects that many pharmaceuticals bring.

TMS therapy involves stimulating an area of the brain that can be under-active in patients with depression with magnetic pulses, similar to an MRI. This regulates neural networks, increases blood flow to that area of the brain, and activates nerves that affect depressive moods.

We perform the procedure in the office and no sedation is required. You are awake and alert during the treatment sessions and are able to drive and resume normal activities immediately afterward. The initial visit can last up to an hour while we take precise measurements. Subsequent visits last 20-30 minutes.

For more information or assistance with scheduling an initial appointment for any service, please call us at 617-916-5069.

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